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Na'am Arab Women in the Center

נע״ם נשים ערביות במרכז ♀ نعم نساء عربيّات في المركز


About Arab Women in the Center

Na’am, the acronym for Arab Women in the Center in Arabic, also means “yes we can.” That is not just a nice coincidence, it is the spirit of Na’am. Women helping women helping women to internalize that simple truth: Yes we can. Yes we can stand up to the convention, discrimination and racism that try to keep us down. Yes we can stand our ground when it comes to the freedom to decide our own futures. Yes we can raise our voices against all forms of gender-based aggression.

Toward a Just Society 

When women are murdered, Na'am is there to speak out and protest. Na'am is there to intervene when women are at risk in their homes, on the street or at work. Na'am is there to advocate for laws and practices to improve the lives of Arab women, to insist on equal access to services and to be treated equally. Na'am teaches young women they have choices, teaches young men ways of respect and equality, provides support for women and teens, gives women the tools to attain economic independence and more. 



AWC-Na'am is an entirely independent, grassroots organization. That means we depend on the support of generous donors and volunteers. You can donate to AWC-Na'am through the New Israel Fund portal by clicking on the button to the right, or you  can get  in touch directly through the link below. 

Na'am in 2021 

It was over a year ago that COVID lockdowns began. The murder rate rose right away as did calls to the Na'am offices for assistance. 

Then violence erupted in our cities, leaving fresh wounds in the wake of killings and new lockdowns. 

Na'am responded by providing humanitarian aide, by assisting women living under threat, creating platforms for women to contact Na'am staff, assisting students and more. 

Why Na'am? 

  • With a small staff and a cadre of committed volunteers, Na'am  offers dozens of programs and assists hundreds of women, teens, girls and families. 

  • That means all donations go to assist those who need it most. 


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