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SOS for S.

S. is a woman, 40 years old, whose life is in immediate danger. To help her, we are undertaking a crowdfunding campaign to raise enough to get her and her young daughter safely out of the country.

Every day we do not fly S. away from the violent family members who have threatened her life is a day she is in danger of being murdered. We cannot protect her, nor can the police or the shelters. Her only solution is to flee.

We have arranged a safe place for her outside of the country, but she does not have the funds to buy plane tickets for her and her daughter.

We are asking you to go to the Support Na'am button on the home page and make a donation to Na'am Arab Women in the Center. All of the money pledged to us will go to buying tickets for S. and her daughter, until we can ensure she is safely away from her family.

Thank you!

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