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Arab Women's Organizations Against Rape

Six Arab women's oranizations, including Na'am Arab Women in the Center, published a postion paper against violence against all women during this war:


2023: Our Feminism is Indivisible, Human Rights are Indivisible

Feminists worldwide have made remarkable efforts to stand against silencing women and

questioning their voices, especially during times of conflict and war when women often bear

the worst consequences.

Their significant strides in addressing sexual assaults during wartime led to advocating for

the adoption of UN Resolution 1325, focusing on women's involvement, protection, and

representation during armed conflicts. Additionally, Resolution 1820 played a crucial role in

safeguarding women from rape and sexual violence during war and conflicts.

It's crucial not to doubt the credibility of claims or directions taken by women or their

relatives when brought to organizations dedicated to these issues. Women's bodies should

never be exploited for political gains or leverage.

Women who've experienced assault have the right to receive necessary medical,

psychological, and emotional support. They should have the freedom to choose whom to

share their experiences with and what information to disclose. As feminist Palestinian

organizations, our stand opposes all forms of violence, not just during wars or within families

but in every context.

We vehemently oppose occupation, racism, discrimination, male dominance, and extremism, irrespective of time or place. Our firm stance against sexual assaults, harassment, and rape remains unwavering, supporting every woman who speaks out, regardless of nationality,religion, or ethnicity.

We don't question reports from Israeli organizations combating sexual assaults against Israeli

women regarding the events of October 7 and the sexual violence they experienced. In light

of this, we call upon the women, feminist activists, and those active in women's organizations

in Israel who raised their voices against the endured sexual assault on October 7, 2023, to

boldly condemn all violations, including killings, demolitions, and displacements occurring

in the relentless war against the Palestinian people, particularly affecting women and children in Gaza. The intimidation, threats, and hardships faced by women during detentions should not be overlooked.

Lastly, it's crucial to remember that any violation, under any guise, is an oppressive act that

cannot be justified. Our feminist values dictate that we cannot accept any excuses for

violating human rights.


Movment Of Democmtic Women ln lsreal

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