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We Won't Sit Quietly

Rabab Abu Siyam was thirty-year old mother of three, an elementary school teacher. She was shot mutiple times and killed in Lod while she held her two-year-old daughter in her lap.

Rabab had fled Lod when her ex-husband threatened her, but she missed her children. She came back without telling anyone.

When the police described the murder, they said: "Well, she had been told to stay away from Lod."

Why does the mother of three children have to run away while the man who threatens her life walks freely wherever he wants? Isn't it time we stopped giving in to violence and threats? Isn't it time to deal with the perpetrators, rather than blaming the victims?

Thursday evening, July 28, 18:00, Katsnelson 2, Lod. Come to the mouring tent and wear black. Be ready to raise your voice against the murder of women.

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