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Together We Can Stop the Violence

Johara Khnifes, an anti-violence activist, was killed with a remote-controlled car bomb in the beginning of June. Just a few days later, Samar, a fifty-one year old woman in Haifa was stabbed to death by her husband, and a young woman who had been missing for 10 days was found dead, her ex-partner the suspected murderer.

Who's next? How will we stop the next murder, protect potential victims? To advance the anti-violence movement in the country, three feminist organizations have banded together and are now conducting a crowdfunding campaign. They are Na'am Arab Women in the Center, Women against Violence, and Al-Tufula Women’s Shelters in Nazareth. The need is great, and it will take all of us working together to effect the changes -- in law, justice and law enforcement, shelter space, social workers, community activists and more.

Today , we are asking you to pledge whatever you can through the beactive site. The site has graciously waived part of their fees and are helping promote the campaign.

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