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Speaking English in Na'am

Today our wonderful volunteer, Rachel, is finishing her year working with the girls and teens of Na'am, Arab Women in the Center.

Rachel found Na'am through an internet search of organizations, and hit upon Na'am. Together, we agreed on the idea of her helping the daughters of Na'am members practice their English. Rachel quickly developed her teaching methods. Every Sunday, she led two groups, one of girls aged 11-13, the second of high-school teenage girls.

The younger girls learned to use everyday nouns like basketball, swimming, sun, sweet and spicy. They talked about their likes and dislikes, and finished up with a rowdy game of hangman using the words they had written down in their notebooks.

The older girls listened to songs, picking out words and putting together the meanings. These words became the springboards for answering questions about their own lives, their families, school, friends and plans for the future.

The lessons were so successful, the women peeking into the room asked to have English lessons as well, and there was a waiting list of girls who wanted to join.

Rachel started something worthwhile for these girls. Many of their parents cannot hire the personal extra lessons that wealthier children receive to help them raise their matriculation scores, and they don't have the wealth of after-school activities that others enjoy.

We would love to continue these lessons into the next school year. (Pick-up from the train station included.) Anyone interested can contact us at the email below. We are also open to other sorts of volunteer assistance, including IT and crowdfunding.

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