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Samah Salaime, Head of Na'am, at the Kaplan pro-democracy protests

Today I've been in my village, Tur'an, in Nazereth and Haifa, and in my home, Wahat al-Salam, Neve Shalom, an Arab-Jewish village. We are proof that peace is possible. Unfortunately, today we are forced to fight for our lives. 100 people lost their lives, and we're only haflway through the year. 1200 Arab citizens were killed since 2000, with arms taken from the army -- arms made in Israel that kill Palestinians on both sides of the fence.

The responsibility lies with every one of us.

Instead of a moment of silence, we need to shout.

The Arab citizens of this state are going to pay dearly for the demolition of democracy. Our so-called Minister of Internal security want his own army, which will cost 600,000 NIS of our money. (boos) He tells us he is going to save us -- with yet more guns.

We need to stop the flow of guns to organized crime. The heads of organized crime listen to Ben Gvir and Netanyahu and they know they won't sit in prison. Who is going to stop it? Who will stop the murders?

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