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Changing the Ending - Imagine a Future

In this video (Arabic audio: English subtitles) Salim speaks to his experience participating in domestic violence treatment sessions, and the social worker who helped him realize the error of his ways. He urges us to imagine a future in which programs to end violence against women are treated with the urgency and priority they deserve. Video provided by Abraham Initiatives

In this video (Hebrew audio: English subtitles) Ibtisam speaks to her experience of fleeing domestic violence, and ultimately, attaining safety for herself and her 4 children, and finding work that allows her to be self-supporting. She speaks to the urgent importance of increasing resources available for Arab women in Israel, as currently, these resources are underfunded and unable to provide for the number of women that seek services. Such centers need to be tailored for the Arab population, respectful of Arab culture, and most of all, appropriately funded. Video provided by Abraham Initiatives

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