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And Finally, a Story of Hope

It took a village of women to help Sundas Abo Zer achieve her dream of becoming a nurse. Sundas is the daughter of Na’am Arab Women in the Center activist Sumaia Abo Zer, and she has been involved in Na’am teen and young women support groups for over a decade.

Even as a girl, Sundas wanted to be a nurse. She volunteered as a paramedic when she was in 10th grade, learning to take blood samples and assist in the ambulance.

Sundas had to overcome personal struggles, including recovering from a severe injury, and family struggles in Lod. She struggled to get into nursing school and began her studies in medical systems management, instead.

When she was accepted to the Assaf Harofe nursing school, she was given special compensation. To attend, she bought a car and learned to drive, studied day and night and worked hard to cover the costs of her education and support herself while she studied.

The last two years were exhausting and difficult, and Sundas’ personal and social life suffered. She nearly gave up. But her support group of women and teens in Na’am helped convince her to keep to her path, even if the challenge was great and the studies extended. She continued in her practical work as well as applying herself to the required medical studies.

Once completing her studies, more challenges awaited: final university exams and the Ministry of Health licensing exam. Sundas passed them all and is now a registered nurse.

Samah Salaime, head of Na’am - Arab Women in the Center wrote that Sundas is an example to many more young women: “When you invest in one young woman’s dream, you will change hundreds of women’s lives.”

Congratulations to Sundas and to Ekram Mansur, who also received her degree this week in sociology and human resource management. A Na’am board member, Ekram is an inspiration as well. She is a single mother who works full time, yet she not only managed to complete her studies, but to immediately leverage her new degree to improve her career and economic situation. She is a leader in the community, and Na’am has been there to support Ekram and other women like her, to help them discover their inner strengths and talents and to aid and encourage them though difficult years. We wish them a bright future.

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